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Walker Game Ears Elite Muff Series by Walkers Game Ears

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For more than 25 successive years, Walker Game Ears has been contributing to the industry with its varied range of hearing and sound enhancement products. Introducing sound-activated compression circuitry has allowed for behind-the-ear models to deliver 29 dB–31 dB of noise reduction rating. Incorporating advanced and high technology in its product, the brand has successfully become a frontrunner in the industry.


The Elite Muff Series


Hearing aid can be of great advantage for not only those who require it for medical reasons but also for those whose jobs demand them to have accurate hearing qualities. Compact behind-the-ear earmuffs can be resourceful in such a scenario. These not only amplify the sound but also feature adjustable frequency tuning that further provides fine-tuning capability of bass and treble. Most of these behind-the-ear designs have push-button program settings, too. These can be for communication and enhancement. They deliver an impressive noise reduction rating. These earmuffs are water repellent, too. Protecting your ears from deafening sounds and cancelling unwanted noise have made them a huge success among the general public.


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