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Meyerco Fixed Blade Knives by Meyerco Knives

Meyerco Knives are designed for numerous applications, serving as the best choice for hunting and camping purposes. These general-purpose knives are used for butchering, caping, boning, hacking through bone and more. All the fixed blade knives are made in China with differently sized blades.


All About Fixed Blade Knives

  • Fixed blade knives are made with an immovable and foldable blade having a hidden tang extended into the handle. Due to this, they display an exceptional strength during cutting and skinning applications.
  • In comparison to the foldable knives, these fixed blade knives are more functional delivering precision cut, strength, and a super strong grip. These are available in a variety of styles including drop point, guthook, tanto point, and spear blade.
  • For an enhanced grip and comfort, these knives have handle made of metal, micarta, stacked leather, wood, wrapped leather and other materials.


What Makes Knife Country USA Different from Others?



As an established brand, Knife Country USA specializes in collector’s knives and accessories such as sharpeners and sheaths along with retail gear and accessories. Its wide range of products include hunting knives, camping knives, fishing knives and more. Known for reliability, it provides fast shipping and great customer service.