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CRKT Moxie Knives: Mastery in Design, Matchless in Performance


There's a certain flair to knives that stand out, and Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has always been at the forefront of this elegance. With the CRKT Moxie Knives, this legacy continues – blending impeccable design, unparalleled functionality, and a touch of modernity.


Understanding the CRKT Moxie Series


In the world of cutlery, "moxie" translates to the audacity to be different, to challenge the norm, and to set new benchmarks. The CRKT Moxie series does just that, pushing boundaries in terms of design, materials, and user experience.


Defining Features of the Moxie Knives:


  • Supreme Quality Blade: Crafted from 8Cr14MoV stainless steel, the Moxie blade promises durability and resilience. The black oxide coating adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance while enhancing the knife's aesthetics.


  • Assisted Opening Mechanism: With safety and speed at its core, the assisted opening ensures the Moxie is always ready for swift, efficient action, be it for everyday tasks or outdoor adventures.


  • Ergonomic TPE Handle: Ensuring a comfortable grip, the Moxie's TPE handle is both robust and tactile. It offers a secure grasp, making prolonged usage easy and fatigue-free.


Diving deeper, the CRKT 1100 - Moxie Black Assisted Opening Drop Point Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife emerges as the embodiment of the Moxie series' excellence. This knife isn't just a tool; it’s a companion for those who refuse to compromise on quality and design.


Why Choose a CRKT Moxie Knife?


The answer is in its name. Moxie, defined as the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, reflects in every aspect of this knife series. From its precision blade to its ergonomic design, the Moxie series resonates with those who value performance and elegance in equal measure.


Every time you draw a Moxie knife, you're not just holding a cutting tool; you're wielding a masterpiece crafted with passion and expertise. CRKT's legacy in knife-making, combined with modern design philosophies, culminates in the Moxie – making it an indispensable part of any collection.


As enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine knives, Knife Country USA proudly presents the CRKT Moxie series. A blend of tradition and innovation, every Moxie knife assures reliability, performance, and an undying commitment to excellence.


When it comes to knives that leave an impression long after the cut, trust in the Moxie. Step into the world of CRKT with Knife Country USA and let the Moxie redefine your expectations.

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