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Buck Paklite Knife Series by Buck Knives


Buck Knives is a family-owned company since 1880. With an experience of over 100 years, they offer a wide range of products including sheaths, sharpeners, multitools, traditional pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and Buck apparel. The cutting-edge construction and unmatched durability are the major backbones of the success of Buck Knives.


Buck Paklite Knife Series consists of fixed blade knives purposely designed for hunting and field dressing. These knives have one-piece stainless-steel construction that adds strength and makes it resistant to corrosion, ensuring long durability of them. This series includes knives in combo packs for serving the multi-purpose needs of the users. With a skeleton handle that fits perfectly in the hand, these knives are designed for the tough and aggressive circumstance with gut hook, caper, and skinner blades. The gut hook blade makes the perfect addition to your hunting gear, aiding in tasks such as cutting, piercing and slicing. Caping blade is ideal for skinning the head or neck of animals. These knives can be your companion for safeguarding in uncertain situations while traveling, hunting, trekking, mountaineering, and climbing. This series includes sheath made of leather and heavy-duty nylon. With an assurance of durability, leather sheath protects the blade from dents and scratches, keeping it clean and sharing. The heavy-duty nylon adds to the life span with its lightweight and makes the knives easy to carry. Sheaths for the combo knives of this series include zip closure to keep them safe while transporting.


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