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Wooden Knife Kit Series by Case XX Knives

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Purposely designed to last for generations, Case XX Knives are a pioneer in crafting fixed blade and folding pocket knives. The Case XX products are inspired by the designs that tamed the American wilderness. These distinctive designs include ‘XX’ marks on each product that set the Case blades apart from other knives and perfectly complement the historical ideology followed by the company.


The Case XX Knives Wooden Knife Kit Series features a range of foldable knives kits designed ergonomically for the hound and old alike. The includes hand cut and hand packaged pieces that makes it perfect option for real life knife users and those passionate about collecting knives. The case xx kit includes one or more unsharpened knife blades. Many of these pocket knives have shield engraved with laser on the handle. This adds to the aesthetics of the knives. The kit features 3 metal pins and some of these also includes 8 pieces of wood with complete instructions. The instruction card provides complete details about the various knives included in the kit. This series of wooden knife kit is perfect for those who are enthusiastic about such unique knives. Some of the knives in this series have blades made of wood. Many pocket knives in this series comes in a gift tin which perfectly match the expectations of the users for high performing and qualitative knives. The tactical knives are perfect for everyday carry and assists users in outdoor activities such as mountaineering, climbing, camping, and trekking.


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