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Hen & Rooster Knives 5013 Small Bowie Fixed Blade Knife with Black Rubber Handle & Sheath

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Hen & Rooster Knives - Small Bowie Fixed Blade Knife with Black Rubber Handle & Sheath: Model HR-5013. 10 1/8" overall fixed blade. German stainless steel blade. Black rubber handle with lanyard loop. Belt sheath included. Made in Spain.


  • Made in SPAIN
  • 10 1/8 inch overall fixed blade
  • German stainless steel blade
  • Black rubber handle with lanyard loop
  • Belt sheath included

Customer Reviews

  • Al Mar Sere met its match !

    By Jerry G. on December 6, 2014
    I recently purchased this knife for the good price , however this knife is more than a good price. The knife is just excellent in build quality and so is the leather sheath, It is full tang at 5mm thick to the middle of the blade of 4-1/2 inches of 440 stainless steel with excellent heat treat. The rubber handle is very comfortable and non slip with a exposed tab of the full tang which would be great for a glass breaker in your car in a emergency situation. The blade is very sharp out of the box and mid air it easily sliced through a 1-1/4 square cardboard aquarium light bulb box with ease . Just imagine what it can do in self defense, Also if you look at the blade style it is the same basically as the more expensive Al Mar Sere operator fixed blade tactical knife, I am not sure who copied who but the similarity is there. This knife is very high quality in every way , You can buy 3 or 4 of these for one Al Mar. The size of the blade makes it a excellent all around knife for hiking, camping , self defense and even EDC every day carry. As well as a great hunting knife and fish gutting knife . It surprises me there are little to no reviews of this nice knife , Which is sad because it is a great knife made in Europe Spain and very high quality. Forget the expensive knife hype and so called super steels which are worthless, this knife will do everything you need in the outdoors, highly recommended.