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Zippo Lighters

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Zippo Lighters

The most iconic survivalists have highlighted a Zippo Lighter as the perfect blend of style and functionality. Zippo Manufacturing Company was laid by George G. Blaisdell in 1933. In the same year, he designed the first Zippo Lighter following the design by IMCO.


During the World War II, there was a downfall in the purchasing of Zippo Lighters, which was when; the completely marketing share was dedicated to US military force. This further contributed in the fondness of American soldiers for Zippo Lighters, especially during the Vietnam War.


Understand the Heritage of Zippo Lighters

Most of the Zippo Lighters have a brass case and rectangular construction. These lighters have curved tops and can be easily operated with a thumb. Minimizing the risk of explosion, these lighters use fuel until the end of stock.  All parts in a Zippo Lighter are light in weight and ensure minimal hassle while replacement. Because offering such amazing advantages, Zippo Lighters have carved a special niche in the bags of adventurers and survivalists. 


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