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Moose Pocket Knives

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A Moose Knife is a traditional Slip Joint Knife—it can be used in nearly every setting as an emergency tool. Slightly easier to handle and more precise in cutting capabilities than a regular knife, a Moose Pocket Knife is a big knife with a strong sheath, suitable for hunting moose and deer. If you are a professional hunter, carrying a Moose Pocket Knife is ideal to justify your hunter’s ensemble. The elevated belt loop helps the wearer to carry such a knife with comfort and safety, even when seated or riding.


Understanding Moose Pocket Knife

The performance of a Moose Pocket Knife is largely dependent upon the type of handle used and its overall gripping capability. The most popular types of handles for the Moose include:

  • Natural Rosewood

  • Black Linen Micarta

  • Wine X-tra Resin Wood

  • Natural Water Buffalo Horn

  • Natural Stag Horn


    There are some options when it comes to choosing the sheath of the Moose too. These pocket knives are best combined with a regular, open-mouthed sheath.


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    We procure our increasing range of Moose Pocket Knives from leading brands like Rough Rider, Case, and Great Eastern Cutlery. We constantly curate and upgrade our collection, ensuring you have a larger range of choices. We strive to provide you detailed information about the products on offer along with clarity about shipping details. We believe empowering you with more information means helping you make a better, well-informed decision. We are with you, at every step of your decision-making process.

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