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Marfione Custom Knives

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Marfione Custom Knives is a United States based knife manufacturing company founded by Anthony and Susan Marfione. The company is an extended subsidiary of Microtech Knives, founded in 1994. With exceptional features, assured quality, high-grade material construction and great functional designs, the products of Marfione Custom Knives are dedicated to delivering the best in affordable price. The company exclusively utilizes experienced craftsman and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and design standard quality products. Marfione Custom Knives is committed to design exceptionally great cutting tools using 95 percent of in-house developed material and technologies. The company offers a product catalog including the best ergonomically designed folding knives, fixed blade knives, framelock knives, and small daggers.


Custom-Made Knives Made in America

Marfione Custom Knives is known for its exceptionally good-looking cutting tools. The in-house developed manufacturing practices and experienced craftsmen create the best knives, living up to the operator's demands and needs. The designs and wide product catalog are highly appreciated by knife collectors, professionals, hikers, hunters, and fishermen. Most of these folding knives and cutting tools feature frame lock opening/closing mechanism. The frame lock locking system stabilizes the handlebar to give a strong and secured lock to the knives. Martial Custom Knives are perfect to be used for piercing, cutting, slicing, chopping, tapering and other heavy-duty as well as low-profile tasks.


Expect Excellent Cutting Tools with Great Durability

Marfione Custom Knives products are designed with great precision and the finest quality material. Depending upon the model and type of the cutting tools, the blades are manufactured from high-grade titanium, Damascus steel, Elmax steel, stainless steel or certified metal. The fixed blade construction provides additional strength to the overall structure and adds durability to the product. These hard-handled, everyday carry knives and small-arms are available with a certificate of authenticity which states that each product is manufactured from the high-quality material and built to last longer. The robust handle construction is another very important feature marketed by the company as it is manufactured from different material including black carbon fiber. The thumb ridge and finger choil provide comfortable and tight grip to the operators. For safe carrier and storage zippered pouch made from Kydex and nylon is offered by the company.


Warranty Information

Marfione Custom Knives products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The brand offers genuine quality knives and small arms that will be repaired or replaced if in case they are found to be defective. Though the products offered by the brand are abrasion resistant, they are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. In case of any warranty related issues or about the condition of Marfione Custom products, contact Knife Country and it is advised to proceed with submitting the warranty claim to the manufacturer.


Knife Country USA: An Online Platform for Knives and Outdoor Gear

Knife Country is home to the largest collections of knives, cutlery, and outdoor survival kits. One of the most reliable names in the knife-buying community, Knife Country caters to the varying demands of adventure enthusiasts, knife-collectors and people from different professions. More than 500 manufacturers across the globe form the backbone of Knife Country and efficiently deliver over 30,000 models of different lifestyle products. Well-segregated sections allow you to search the product easily and picking the most suitable one without any hassle. Marfione Custom Knives is a leading brand manufacturing quality knives and other cutting tools. Explore the vast inventory, which offers security equipment, backpacks, folding knives, and survival equipment.


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