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Active for more than 4 decades, Simbatec was founded nearly in 1911. The single-action Simbtac Revolver is one of the best offerings in this regard. The technical specifications include cal. 6 mm Flobert (“F”) or the most famous calibre 9 mm P.A. (pistol automatic) for blank firing guns. The cutlery section for Simbtac is also widely appreciated by other knife enthusiasts. The first Button-Lock was created in early eighties. Properly licensed, this folder features first Button-Lock lock ensures easier opening and closure.

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Simbtac has been globally acknowledged for its recent developments like NECK- and SLIDE Lock folders. Innovative Card-Knives Series with unique design are patented as well. These three have carved a special niche in the Solingen Blade-Museum (Klingenmuseum). Simbtac is a reputed name for straight razors, razors and important accessories leather strop with synthetic back, Standart-Hängeriemen, light emery paste and greasing paste.

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A family owned and managed business, Knife Country USA is at the top of the hierarchy in the niche of survival, outdoors, self-defense, and camping/hiking gear and accessories. It retails Simba Tec Razolution Straight Razors from the best brands that are sold at lower than the usual market prices. Contact options include Toll Free (800) 342-9118, (248) 382-5285 or customercare@knifecountryusa.com.

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