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Primal Gear Unlimited

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Knives have become an essential part of one's life. Whether, working in a kitchen, gardening, or the great outdoors, knives are the tool that one cannot do without. We, at Knife Country USA, acknowledges the fact and hence offer the widest range of knives from different brands, satisfying a variety of customer needs.


Know Your Brand: Primal Gear Unlimited

The brainchild of Jeff and Heather Barber, Primal Gear Unlimited was founded in the year 2012. It all started with Jeff’s hobby of target shooting. Jeff took his hobby to head and made his first red-oak bow for his own use. He, with the help and support of his partner, Heather, started making bows that are innovative and engineered to perfection. The passion that goes into the making of the products of Primal Gear Unlimited ensures that the highest degree of quality and functionality is maintained.


Primal Gear Unlimited: What makes them special?

The tools and gears manufactured by the brand are entirely made in USA. The multitude of tools and gears offered by the brand includes knives, axes, cutting tools, saws, folding bows, arrows, bow strings and accessories, fire starters, bags, packs and many more. The Hell and Back Survival Knife, made of 440C Hardened Stainless Steel, is one of the popular products from the Primal Gear Unlimited stable. The knife is designed and manufactured locally in the state of Georgia. It is designed, keeping in mind the requirement of survival and bush-craft. So, if you are looking for that perfect rugged, tough and highly functional knife, the products of Primal Gear Unlimited may be perfect for you.


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