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Silver Stag Knives

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Silver Stag Knives

Silver Stag Knives emerges  as a prominent name to look for in high-performance knives. Silver Stag has innovative features and is available in an affordable price range. Well-known as Fixed Blade Cutlery Manufacturer, Silver Stag Knives has recently introduced its bestseller Pocket Series. In this series, various features like Double Disc Ground D2 Carbon Blades, Brass Liners, D2 Steel Back Springs and Elk Antler Scales were introduced. These Silver Stag series are accumulating a lot of attention from knife enthusiasts.


Know Your Brand: Silver Stag Knives

The most creative usage of technology is easy to witness in the selection of Silver Stag Knives. The classification of Silver Stag Knives is majorly ruled out on two parameters —Blade Design and Construction. All the knives fabricated by the company are segmented across this series as seen here:

  • Crown series
  • Damascus series
  • Tool steel series
  • Slab series
  • Elk stick series
  • Point series
  • Scrimshaw series
  • Pocket Series
  • Butcher series
  • Sword series


Where To Buy It From?

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