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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.

Wildo Camp-A-Box

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Wildo is known for manufacturing survival gears and camping accessories. Using BPA-free plastic to manufacture products, encourages minimal degradation to nature.


About Wildo Standards

The man who got the ball rolling —Jan Andersson used to train Swedish military personnel about survival tricks. He, himself has been out in the woods, which has enriched his knowledge about the right manufacturing of such products. Designed to work in the most rugged situations, Wildo catalogue is full of functional and durable items.


Camp-a-box® Complete: A Premium Type

Wildo Camp-A-Box is ideal to have whenever you are planning an excursion or general camping. The box includes a plate, a fold-a-cup, a cutting board, a shaker and a spork. Along with a lid, you can simply rely upon safety from flies. Compact in size, this practical utility box can be best fit in your backpack.


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