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Scagel Knives

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William Scagel, was the father of contemporary knife making with his customized rules and modern machinery. The high demand of Scagel Knives has been widely noticed since 20th century. The first Ol' Bill Scagel knife even today continues to take away the breath of knife enthusiasts across the globe.


The Best of Scagel: 100 Barehead Jack Knives

Scagel Barehead Jack is a 3 3/4" trapper knife, which features a large pen blade. The frame is completed with a heavy clip and steel interliners. The pen blades are made from heath –treated 195 high carbon steel.  Scagel® arrowhead shield is another identification mark on this knifing wonder. 

Explore the Best of What Scagel Offers: 300 Furitport Pocket Knives

This Fruitport pocketknife is available in a 3 3/4" Dogleg frame with high carbon steel blades. The blades are heat-treated and can be either clip or Wharncliffe. Pinned Scagel® arrowhead shield is a mark of better identification on this 300 Furitport Pocket knife. 

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