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SARGE knives is a family owned company that was established in Greer, South Carolina by a father-son duo Gene and Matt Morris. They shared a mutual love of knife-making which led them to develop Sarge Knives. The Morris duo came up with the name ‘Sarge’ to honor their late father and grandfather Roy, an Army Sergeant who had served in World War II. He had a large collection of knives that were worth admiring. He had been the inspiration behind the whole idea behind the foundation of Sarge Knives.


From the very beginning, Sarge Knives has been focused on providing its customers with a wide variety of high-quality knives at a value price point backed with a lifetime warranty. The company stands by its word by carefully selecting and partnering with the very best factories in the world. Sarge has become one of the most trusted names among the top knife manufacturers in the world. They aim to please their audience by producing practical, efficient tools without sacrifice to beauty or design.


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Sarge is a customer driven brand that manufactures a pioneering line of products by understanding the fact that each customer is unique and has their own special needs. The large inventory of Sarge Knives includes high-quality tools and gears for different purposes. From folding knives to large fixed blade knives, Sarge promises to cover everything a customer demand. The skilled team working at Sarge knows exactly what you're looking for in hunting knives, fishing knives, camping knives, outdoor knives, tactical knives, camping knives, boating knives, and assisted-opening work knives. The Sarge Knives are designed to endure even the most demanding conditions. The company also offer selections from highly respected brand names such as our Tom Kreger series. The knife makers at Sarge are focused on developing the products that last for your lifetime. Hence, they use the highest-grade steel, materials for handles to make durable and functional designs. Their inventory of knives caters to the needs of many survivalists, hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, and adventure enthusiasts.


A Wide Selection of High-Quality Cutlery for Every Imaginable Purpose

Folding Pocket Knives: The knives in this series are specially designed for everyday use. Many pockets knives in this series feature multiple blades like bottle openers, tweezers, toothpicks, scissors and even a corkscrew. All the knives in this series are equipped with thumb studs that enable the user to open or close the blades single handedly. The stainless-steel construction of these knives makes them strong enough to withstand tough situations. The satin blade finish makes these knives resistant to rust and corrosion. Features like bolsters, bail and frame lock ensures secure operations. The anti-slip grip handles made from materials like smooth white bone make these knives look more attractive. Explore the highly functional range of pocket knives and pick what suits your needs.


Linerlock Knives: The knives in this category feature a purposeful design that caters to the needs of many knife collectors, hunters, campers, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts. The knives in this series have blades made from highest grade of steel like Damascus steel and 400° C stainless steel that makes them perfect for heavy duty tasks. Matte finish of the blades makes them resistant to wear and tear, offering durability to the knife. The linerlock spring mechanism makes it easier to open and close the blade without getting injured. All the knives in this category feature unique handle construction. Burl wood and camo rubberized are the two commonly seen handle materials throughout the range. Many knives in this niche feature grip ridges on the handles, making them highly functional. Some knives in this series are equipped with leather belt sheath for safekeeping the knives.


Tom Kreger Series: This is one of the most special and high functional ranges of knives that is designed by retired U.S. Army Colonel Tom Kreger. All the knives made in this series are made from top quality 440° C stainless steel that provides them strength for rugged tasks. These are hardworking knives and are great for all types of outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, work, or camping. All the knives are field-tested throughout the United States under some of the most rigorous conditions. Many knives in this series are equipped with drop point blades that are perfect for tasks like cutting and skinning. The mirror polished finish of these knives makes them durable enough to resist rusting. All the knives in this series are equipped with nylon belt sheaths that keep the knives secure, preventing accidental injuries.


Warranty Information

The Sarge Knives are accompanied with a lifetime warranty, promising the customers that the company stands behind the quality of their products 100%. This lifetime warranty allows the customers to keep the product around for their entire lifetime. The brand warrants its products against the defects of workmanship or materials for the lifetime of an owner. The products that are found defective will be replaced with a new Sarge item of equal value. Sarge Knives does not warrant its product against damage due to normal wear, abuse, improper maintenance, disassembly of parts, scratches to the finish (considered normal wear), or attempted repair. 
To avail the lifetime warranty on Sarge Knives, the customers are required to complete and print the Warranty Form to include with their knife. All the sections of the form are meant to be filled. While preparing the knives for shipment, the owners are advised to wipe off the dirt or remnants of hunting on them. After shipping the owners are recommended to keep a track on the delivery status, as the brand won’t be responsible for any stolen item.


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