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Falcon Knives

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The Falcon brand has always been the foremost name to look for among hi-quality sport knives. Owned by the Campolln family, the complete line of Falcon Knives was operational immediately after the First World War. Taking upon rigorous improvements in the production, guarantee of construction, and an amazing, overall quality of products, especially among Hunting Knives, has made the Falcon brand very popular.

Know Your Brand: History of Falcon Knives

Upon tracing the roots of Falcon knives, 31 March 1380 arises as a very important date. The first setup was laid at the artisan level with special attention towards the production of agricultural tools. Few years later in 1887, the small setup was modernized a bit by some Maniago blacksmiths and given a proper industrial set up in 1907. Since then, Falcon Knives has been growing by giant leaps. Now, it is recognized among the top knife manufacturing brands across the globe!


Types of Falcon Knives Available

The catalogue of Falcon Knives includes:

  • Alex Collection Folding Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Sports Knives
  • Ellipse
  • MANIAGO Classic Knives
  • Speed Hunter Knives
  • Series Angel
  • Series West Coat
  • Gentleman Knives and the DAMASCUS Collection


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