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Fisher Space Pens was founded by Paul C. Fisher in Nevada USA in 1948. Paul Fisher’s focus always remained on new inventions like “Universal Refill Cartridge” a standard refill that could solve the problems faced by stationers in carrying different refills. The company got recognized only after the first space pen AG-7 which was the Anti-Gravity Pen which could write in zero gravity, aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968. As a symbol of American industrial process, iconic Bullet Pen is still showcased at the Museum of Modern Arts permanent collection and the series is still available in the market.


Carrying the vision of his Grandfather Matt Fisher is successfully running the family-owned business with a small team of 65 people in 30000 sq. ft warehouse in Nevada. The company has carved its niche in making handcrafted space pens which allows writing on all surfaces, underwater, in extreme temperatures and in any angle. Where the space pens are registered trademark and considered a prestigious gift, on the other hand, stick pens are used and admired widely by customers all over the world.


AG-7: Space Pen with Patented Design

In 1965, Paul Fisher patented the design for a pen with a special ink which is not exposed to air pressure and does not depend upon gravity and hence would never dry up or leak. The Space Pen AG-7 was specially invented to fulfill the requirements of astronauts which could help in writing in anti-gravity without smudging. Paul Fisher was a man with a vision, who always wanted to mark his imprints with his inventions like Universal Refill Cartridge, Bullet pens which are widely applauded even today all around the globe.


Makes to Most Space Expeditions

The graph of Fisher Space Pen elevated when NASA approved to send Space pens to first ever manned expedition to moon i.e.  Apollo in 1968. Fisher Space Pens makes to most of the space expeditions of Russia and America. The pressurized cartridge used in making most Fisher Space Pens is admired by military personnel, astronauts and travelers for its smudge-proof technology which enables to write in extreme temperatures, all-weather situations and oily surfaces without any difficulty.


Exploring the space of Fisher Space Pens

Fisher Space Pens have registered a patent on the name of the company. Apart from Space Pens, the brand offers a wide range of products all possessing a common feature of anti-gravity cartridges. Some special products available on Fisher Space Pens are Space Pen Apollo series, Bullet pen series, Cap- O- Matic series,

Fisher Space Pens Pressurized Refills. The Pressurized Refill Series includes universal refills with a fine point and medium point nib. These refills have pressurized ink cartridge which allows writing on all kinds of surfaces and in any temperature and angle. With a choice of Blue or black ink, these refills are widely admired by military personnel, rescue teams, travelers as a dependable writing tool.


Fisher Space Pens American Flag Series: The series features metal body pens with American Flag printed on it. These pens are considered dependable when it comes to writing over greasy, wet or extreme cold or hot situations. The easy to open and close pens in the series have amenities like pocket clip which keeps the pen safe from getting lost. The pens in American Flag series flaunts patriotism in fashionable style and can make a topmost choice as a gift for patriotic people.


Fisher Space Pens Apollo Series: The pens feature unique design by engaging the point with the entire top of the pen. Solid aluminum construction provides grip to the user and makes the pens ideal for rough usage. Most pens in the series use Fisher pressurized refill in blue or black ink ensuring comfortable writing experience in all-weather and all-temperature situations and even allows dependable writing at any angle, over wet papers, fingerprints— a big reason why these pens are highly admired.


Fisher Space Pens Bullet Pen Series: As the name suggests, the pens in the series are designed in shape of a bullet. These easy-to-carry, around 4-inch pens have pressurized ink cartridge which allows writing in any angle and in all-weather situations. The manufacturer offers a color choice between Gold, Brass and Black body. The pens are delivered with elegant box making the bullet pens an elegant and classy gift. The series also consists of Brass Bullet pens which can be polished to restore the original look of the pen.


Fisher Space Pens Cap-O-Matic Series: Being admired greatly by military personnel and travelers all over the world, the pens in the series are slim and designed to provide comfortable usage. The pens in the series are available in an aluminum body with a choice of colors like Black, Silver, Red and more. In order to provide reliable and dependable writing under extreme conditions, Space Pens Cap-O-Matic series uses Fisher pressurized refills only. Among all, the brand also features a uniquely designed pen Black Barrel Cap-O-Matic with Stylus with Fisher pressurized cartridge and a stylus at the top of it, which can be used with smartphones.


Fisher Space Pens Clutch Industrial Series: The pens in Clutch Industrial series is specially designed to cater to the needs of oil field industry. The pens in the series are designed in a hexagonal shape to provide comfortable grip, even when used with gloves. The strong anodized aluminum body of the pen provides stability and durability in the long run. The easy to open and close pen have smooth touch. These pens are highly demanded by military personnel, adventurists.


Fisher Space Pens Eclipse Series: The pens in the eclipse series can be considered an all-in-one pen, The brand showcases its design and creativity by introducing pens with both Red and Black ink, a pencil, a stylus and all disguised under one sleek body. The pens in the series are manufactured with dark gunmetal finish along with a rubber lower barrel allowing easy and non-slippery grip. All pens in the series are durable and easy to write on wet papers, greasy papers irrespective of the angle or temperature.


Fisher Space Pens Infinium Series: The brand offers another revolutionary series of pens having chrome body with a Titanium finish. Available in Blue and Black inks, these pens have a removable pocket clip. Most pens in the series have medium point cartridge with no removable refills that have enough ink to last long. The length of pens in the series is about 5-inch offering comfortable storage in wallets, pockets and purses. The pens are delivered in elegant gift boxes.


Fisher Space Pens Original Astronaut Series: The series comprises of replicas of the pen used by astronauts in space missions by NASA. These lightweight pens are specially crafted to allow easy openings and closings. Also, the pens in the series are tried and tested over the years in zero gravity, extreme hot and cold conditions. The pens in the series have always been part of NASA space expeditions since the very first Apollo mission after rigorous tests of 18 months. This makes these pens worth collectible.


Fisher Space Pens Police Series: The Police series pens are in highly demanded because of its design and functionality. Most of the pens in the series feature black matte body with a triangular grip allowing maximum grip in the long run. These medium point pens have black ink cartridge which enables the user to write in extreme hot and cold conditions and in any angle. These Police Series writing tools are ideal pocket pens with retractable click action cap and pocket clip. Performance wise Police series pens are dependable for military purposes.


Fisher Space Pens Q-4 Quad Function Series: The multipurpose pen series features four functions in a single pen. Lightweight pens offer Red ink, Black ink, pencil and stylus all-in-one. The pens in Quad function series have replaceable cartridge having the capacity to write up to 1200 ft. The ink does not smudge. It is usable on all surfaces and in all temperatures irrespective of the angle, or gravitational pull. These high-performance pens are tough and durable.


Fisher Space Pens Shuttle Series: The pens in the series are an advanced version of first AG7 Space pens but are thin and slimmer. These writing tools are manufactured with high-grade material and hence used in almost all manned Space flights of both America and Russia. The pens in the series are easy to use with side release button. The brand also introduces Space Shuttle Commemorative Pen which comes with a box packing and medallion style colorful coin for 30th year anniversary. The pens are delivered in gift boxes making these perfectly usable and collectible gift items.


Fisher Space Pens Space Shuttle Commemorative Series: The series includes a popular range of Space Shuttle pens ideal for gifting purpose. These highly functional pens showcase a slip slim built with the grooved barrel. The pens in Commemorative series features a sealed ink cartridge that works fine in varied temperatures (from -50°C to +200°C) and in extreme conditions. These high-performance pens are chrome finished and come in gift packaging to add a visual delight to already appealing stylish pens.


Fisher Space Pens Stowaway Series: The pens in the series features compact aluminum construction and available in vibrant colors like Black and Red. A lightweight and small pen is the foremost choice of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists which can write through water or in extreme conditions. Most pens in the series have a brass clip attached to the aluminum body ensuring safe carriage. Pens in the series are loaded with Fisher pressurized refill FP1211 (blue ink) or FP1241 (black ink) ensuring smooth writing on all type of surfaces like greasy, oily, or wet.


Fisher Space Pens Trekker Series: The pens in the series is just another one of the inventions of Fisher Space Pens allowing travelers, outdoor enthusiasts a pen with Posi-Lock Cap which can be easily attached to keyrings, backpacks, pockets, and bags for easy carriage. The pens in the series are a specimen of just another expert design by Fisher Space Pens with a rubber grip, keyring, carabiner, and break-away lanyard.


Fisher Space Pens with Stylus Series: All pens in the series have retractable caps with attached keyrings. The pens feature legendary Space Pen ink for easy and smooth writing even in adverse conditions like extreme high and low temperatures, in any angle. These compact writing tools are available Black, Orange and Silver shades with Anodized aluminum construction. The caps of most pens are attached with keyrings which can be comfortably attached with backpacks, purses, etc. The stylus attached to the cap works with most smartphones and proves useful for travelers and military personnel.


Fisher Space Pens X-750 Series: The pens in the series feature sleek and compact pens with rubber gripper, allowing strong grip while writing in humid conditions. Fisher Space Pens have detachable caps with a pocket clip which can be easily attached to pockets or paper if required. Most pens in the series have pressurized ink cartridge containing permanent ink which does not smudge or vanish even from wet surfaces. The nib of most pens in series is made up of tungsten carbide balls for smooth and clean operation.


Fisher Space Pens Zero Gravity Series: The zero gravity pens in this series have a rubberized body with a triangular grip allowing speedy writing even on damp surfaces. The manufacturer uses a special formula which does not allow ink to dry up so that it can run as twice the normal cartridge. The Zero Gravity pens are convenient for carriage with push buttons for opening and closing. These pressurized refills have medium point nibs and pressurized ink cartridges.


Fisher Space Pens Zombie Apocalypse Series: The pens in the series are available in combinations of silver with vibrant colors. These pens use high-performance ink cartridges allowing the ink to liquefy. The sturdy pens have a unique bullet shape. These Zombie pens have actual 375 H & H mag shell caps which is easy to slide for opening and closing with a single head. These pens perform well in all-weather situations, underwater and in zero gravity.


Warranty Information

Fisher Space Pens stand strong with their products with a guarantee against all manufacturing and designing defects. All pens pass through high-grade processing and tests before delivery minimizing the chances of any inconvenience to customers. In case of any malfunctioning of any product, the product can be sent back for repair or replacement via proper packaging only. After a thorough inspection by the specialized department for repair and replacements, the product will be sent back without any charge to the customer. 



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