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Primus Outdoor Gear is a globally trusted brand that manufactures the finest quality outdoor accessories and tools. The decades-old company was incorporated in 1892 by adventure enthusiasts Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist and Johan Viktor Svenson. Frans and Johan started the company after developing the first ever portable and soot-free kerosene stove. Initially, the makers sold the soot-free stoves to women who were managing the street market shops in Stockholm, Sweden. After discovering the importance of a portable stove, the founders started developing other outdoor gears like knives, lanterns, flashlights, portable eating utensils, and gas canisters.


The company largely caters to the outdoor needs of trekkers, campers, hikers, backpacker, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts. Every year a large number of Primus outdoor gears and accessories are sold to over 70 countries from across the globe. The company uses state-of-the-art- technology and précised production procedure to manufacture highly functional and reliable products that help individuals in different life-threatening situations.


Primus- A Trusted Name in The Market 

Famous Mount Everest climbers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used Primus stove during their first journey to Mount Everest. No just this, Salomon August Andrée too carried along with Primus products on his expedition to the North Pole in 1897. The company has been part of various world-renowned events where its products performed exceedingly well. In 1978, the company started producing eco-friendly gas burners for African countries to reduce the amount of woods used for cooking. The award-winning company produces environment- friendly products that are easy-to-use and maintain. The tools and accessories are all-weatherproofed and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Robust Construction for High-Performance Life

Primus uses sturdy material to manufacture the products as they are primarily designed for outdoor use. The finest-quality material like high-grade stainless steel is used to manufacture the blade of most fixed blade knives. The handlebars are designed from high-quality synthetic fiber and are available in different vibrant colors including Green, Black, Orange, and Blue. The versatile range of flashlights and lanterns are made from sturdy material. Primetech pots by Primus are made from anodized aluminum construction with non-stick coating. Every product by the company ensures quality construction and great functionality.


Primus Fulfils All Your Outdoor Gear Needs

Primus Outdoor Gear is a trustable name in the industry as it provides practically designed and high-performing outdoor tools and accessories. The outdoor gear largely caters to hikers, campers, travelers, adventure enthusiasts, hunters, and professionals.


Primus Outdoor Gear Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers reliable and durable fixed blade knives that provide strength to the overall structure. These fixed blade knives are comparatively stronger than other knives. Most of these knives feature field chef high-quality stainless blade ideal to perform various indoor as well as outdoor tasks. These knives are available in different color handles made from the finest quality synthetic.


Primus Outdoor Gear Flashlights: Primus Outdoor Gear offers a variety of high lumens flashlights and lanterns perfect to carry along in different outdoor expeditions. The series offers easy- to- use lights with adjustable brightness options. The lightweight lights are available with suspension cords and Piezo ignition. Most of these outdoor lights can provide up to 490 lumens of light.


Warranty Information

Primus Outdoor Gear has a policy of return or replaces if the product is found defective. They provide a lifetime replacement or repair warranty on all their original products in case of defects in workmanship or material. However, defects arising from improper use, dismantling, alteration, and general wear & tear can be only repaired with due charges. As per instructions, Primus Outdoor Gear should not be used as hammers, screwdrivers, pry bars, and chisels. Also, the company provides a blade sharpening facility to all the authentic buyers at reasonable charges.


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