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Primus is chiefly outlined as a partnership of F.W. Llndqvist and J V Svenson, who started with a small workshop in Stockholm.  A few years later, in 1892, they produced the first soot-free kerosene stove, which was later named as Primus.  In 2011, Primus introduced the new Et.i concept, which was nearly double in comparison to other conventional stoves. Two years later, Primus’ ETA lite was awarded as Gear of The Year.

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Primus Outdoor Gear can be used in a Basecamp or for Trekking as and when required. Primus is also a reliable name for professional accessories – Cookware (Lightweight Cutlery Set) as well as maintenance (Ignition Steel Medium, Lantern Glass, Canister and Footrest). Most of the Primus Gear are easy to use in field and operates on both –liquid and solid fuel.

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