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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.

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An American Stronghold Since 1947

Uncle Mike’s is name that has been in the industry from a long time and has emerged as one of the most reliable names offering exceptional range of Holsters, Bags, Belts & Cases, Swivels, Tactical and Law Enforcement products and accessories. The company started its journey under the leadership of veteran experts and professionals, who worked diligently to bring forth qualitative products. The company has spent decades in the industry and this has helped the company grow magnificently well. To quote a few examples, the connection between you and your rifle, along with the holster on your waist or hip has always been the company’s focus without any doubt. It is a track record of more than 66 years and the journey is still going on.


The Massive Product Range

Be it swivels, finest quality holsters, ammo holders, slings, or gun cases, each and every product is crafted with utmost pride and precision, and simply built tough to last longer when used on field. These are the finest, the original, Uncle Mike's products. The products are designed and manufactured primarily for the professional hunters and adventure seekers. Look at few of the most widely used products:



These are the highest quality, durable and premium grade swivels that are constructed to be strong and reliable to be used on field. These are the highly durable standard swivels, rifle swivels, shotgun swivels along with the swivel parts & accessories, specifically manufactured under the leading light of industry professional.


Tactical Products:

Uncle Mike’s offers a complete list of state-of-the-art tactical products that are designed and engineered to survive some of the toughest challenges and situations, in 21st century law enforcement. This indeed is an innovation that can save lives when every second counts on the battle field.


Bags, Belts & Cases:

This category includes the well-built gears that are known for the functionality, durability and performance. These are the bags & briefcases, belts, magazine cases, speed loader cases, shell holders & slides, rifle, pistol & shotgun cases, flashlight holders and accessory cases, designed and manufactured to survive under tough situations.



Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. For the Uncle Mike's Reflex Holsters, the company offers complete 100% money back guarantee. The policy ‘return it-no questions asked’ is valid on the holster if customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product. Try the product today with absolutely no risk, we completely rely on our team. We promise for the excellent performance, like nothing you've ever experienced before.


Knives, Gear & Cutlery from Renowned Manufacturers on Single Platform

Knife Country is listed amidst the most trusted virtual shops in the international market. A small business that has now turned into a familiar name, efficiently delivers knives, cutlery and survival tools. More than 30,000 models on a single platform that are sourced from 500+ manufacturers form the backbone of Knife Country. Uncle Mike’s in collaboration with Knife Country has made it possible to deliver the finest quality products to the clients. The quality and the performance of the products are as per the international standard and done before final delivery. Buy from a wide range of flashlights,  camping gear, knives, swords, backpacks, cutlery and other survival equipment.


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