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On a battlefield, conditions are harsh and survival chances low. Full preparation and proper gear are required to face all challenges served. Mother nature may be a beautiful sight to soak in, but it comes with a lot dangers in-hand SOURCE Tactical is one rare brand providing an all-round support to all those who dare to take on every challenge which comes their way. Experts in producing tactical gear, SOURCE Tactical Gear offers a wide range of products from textiles, ballistic panels to hydration systems. Source Tactical gear is the largest producer of soft ballistic armors which provide top-quality protective and support gear ideal for military personnel, survivalists, law enforcement officials, etc.


The Agenda: Making It All A Bit Easier With Innovation

The agenda here is to be innovative with their approach so that a lot more can be accomplished with a lot less. They make it a responsibility to produce quality survival gear, mostly aimed for military officials which is also environment-friendly. Since 1989, SOURCE Tactical Gear has been the largest producer of tactical gear and a leading exporter as well. Developing and testing various technologies, SOURCE Tactical Gear has developed a lot of new ways for soldiers to get the maximum amount of comfort that they can. SOURCE Tactical Gear is a company developed by soldiers for soldiers. Keeping their social values and ethics alive, they contribute 5% of their profits to community service as well.


Life Saving Technologies: All From Scratch

SOURCE Tactical Gear has set many benchmarks in the field of technical advancement of military equipment. The first and the most important one being the CBRN Hydration System. It is an improvement on the existing conventional hydration systems. These CBRN systems created by SOURCE Tactical Gear are very compatible with gas masks worn by soldiers and hence allow them to drink through their gas masks while working in a contaminated environment. The PTB Bladder in this new system has adjustments to keep it free from germs while maintaining the old qualities of the hydration systems.  Apart from this, there is a Dynamic Weight Distribution System to help soldiers in shifting weight from hips to shoulders to avoid back injuries. The last but not the least is Scalable Vest Quick Release allowing soldiers to clip off their vest in one swift motion and keeping it intact for an easy putting on process as well. All the technologies developed by SOURCE Tactical Gear are widely used and applied in military grounds and are proven to be of great use in the conditions which are hard to deal with. This is a wonderful initiative taken by SOURCE Tactical Gear as it not only helps soldiers in staying upright in the worst conditions but also ensures that no long-term injury is sustained.


From Packs To Hi-Tech Gear: One Target For The Tactical

In addition to dedicating their time and energy to the development of new and advanced ways to assist military on the battlefield, SOURCE Tactical did not forget to take care of the basics. They are right on track in producing tactical backpacks, clothing & textiles (such as vests, uniforms, packs) and ballistic panels. While these are more on the mainstream side, SOURCE Tactical Gear did not miss its chance to add as much as possible to the list. The collection consists of hydration bladder, hydration accessories and performance-based equipment for mountain bikers and adventurers. The variety is really diverse, and it has something for every adventure seeking individual or military personnel out there.


Warranty For Your Satisfaction

SOURCE Tactical Gear provides a warranty of 3 months for all the products. Any manufacturing defect is directly eligible of getting exchanged or repaired by the manufactures free of charge. The damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper use and cleaning is not covered in the warranty. All hydration systems, backpacks, packs and textile are included in this. A separate 24 months warranty is provided for all footwear expect for flip flops. Flips flops are not covered under any warranty. In case you run into trouble or have any such issue with product material or workmanship, lets us know at Knife Country USA. We are available for you 24x7 to provide the best service possible. We’ll make it our mission to solve all queries as soon as possible.


Knife Country USA: Adventuring Made Easy

All your adventures and expeditions are now a lot easier to complete with a little bit of assistance from Knife Country USA. We are your one stop destination for all combat gear, knives, survival gear, self-defense equipment, clothing, optical solutions, books & videos on survival and more. You name it and we promise that we have it in store for you. With a diverse selection of products from various brands, we provide you with the best quality products and equipment to aid in your survival quests. These are equally ideal for military use as well as we do not compromise with our quality even one bit. Rest assured, Knife Country will always have your back with more brands like SOURCE Tactical Gear.


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