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Paragon Knives

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Paragon is a reputed knifing company, which designs hi-grade fixed bladed as well as folding knives. Pargon knives range from Damascus Bowie knives to Japanese Sword Steel Boot Daggers. Paragon lets one witness automatic knives for those belonging to different sectors of lfe as in military, law enforcement, hunting and general usage. 


Explore Your Brand: Paragon Knives

Paragon Knives is the pioneer to look for automatic blades across the Asheville and now, the world. Here, four types of automatic blades namely OTF, Side, Single and Double Action are mainly designed. These blades stand out for their impressive durability, exceptional performance and superior sharpness.


The Methodology in Brief

The sharp and automated action of a Paragon Knife remains a concern for other competitors. The lock is simple as you can easily retract its blade by pressing a button. The sliding safety lock ensures complete opening and closure such knives as per the requirement.


Our Assurance of Quality

We, at Knife Country USA, specialize in the niche of outdoor gear, knives, and accessories. To make sure you get the best deals, we procure our increasing range knives and accessories from leading brands like Paragon Knives at the most genuine rates.