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Terry Peterson, a passionate technology enthusiast began working on his vision for portable solar hybrid technology to develop a range of dependable and affordable products. He started to work on his project in 2006. Gradually his hard work started paying off. He was focused on manufacturing a series of products that were fully rechargeable and specially developed to charge phones, tablets, or anything with a USB port with optimal efficiency. Ever since then, Terry emphasizes on exploring new ways to bring his customers the real solar technology that can be used every day to enhance their lifestyle.


Hybrid Light has become one of the world’s leading producers of solar-powered mobile lighting and charging solutions. The gears are perfect for keeping outdoorsmen equipped with the most promising charging and lighting solutions. Hybrid Light is currently working on a mission to light the world with the lowest impact on the earth and customers’ wallet.


Let the Power of the Sun Shed Light on your Outdoor Adventures


Durability, environmentally safe and guaranteed for life, the Hybrid Light gear are must have for a worldwide population of adventure enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. Every product in the brand’s inventory speaks for performance and functionality. Hybrid backup reserve power circuitry and ensures that you always have light. The brand presents you an exhaustive inventory of portable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and power panels that are often used as the reliable go-to illuminators.


The expanding product range of Hybrid Lights features a robust design with water and impact resistance, making them ideal for carrying outdoors. The extensive collection includes some durable models that can be recharged using a USB cable and others that can take energy from any lighting source. The outdoor lighting gear can be the perfect illuminators that outdoorsmen would want in their toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit, night stan, and kitchen drawer. 


The Exhaustive Range of High-Tech Lights


PUC Expandable Lantern: This category includes an array of solar PUC lanterns. All the products in these series are rechargeable. Most of the lanterns feature a strobe that helps in sending emergency signals. These solar lanterns are made with high-quality PUC that makes them water and impact resistant. You can expand these lanterns up to 5 in. These hybrid lights 150 lumens of visible light which is bright enough to light up the dark surrounding when you are out on any outdoor expedition. Most of these lights have 8 hours run time on high beam and 40 hours at low beam. Impressive features like charging port for mobile devices makes them a stand out product in the niche. All these devices are proudly manufactured in China.


Solar Head Lamp: This range of hybrid lights includes a variety of headlamps with a durable head strap that makes it easy to wear. The impact resistant construction of these lights makes them durable enough to stand the test of time. Most of these lights emit 75 lumens of light up to 80 m beam distance. All the lights included in this series are high-quality LED lights that cater to the needs of many workers at industrial job sites, outdoorsmen and adventure enthusiasts. These lights are equipped with some functional features like USB charging port and the ability to be recharged with any light source. These lights can be used continuously for 30 hours in single time charging. Most of these lights require 10 hours to get fully charged via solar energy and 1.5 hours to fully charge via USB.


Solar Bluetooth Speaker: This series comprises of uniquely-designed HEX solar speakers that can also be recharged with Micro USB. You can also use this device as both- an audio speaker and a charger for mobile devices. These speakers emit 400 lumens bright light and thus can also be used as a flashlight. This speaker features a port for Micro SD card reader that allows streaming your own personal favorite music. You can switch it to FM radio any time you want.


Solar Flashlights: These flashlights feature a robust and sturdy design, making them an ideal accompaniment for your outdoor adventures. All the lights in this series are rechargeable. Features like mobile charging port and USB port make them more functional. These lights emit a high intensity of light that helps you when you are out in the dark. The best part about these lights is that they have a floatable design which makes them more desirable. This series of hybrid lights are manufactured, assembled and packaged in China.


Warranty Information


All the products offered in the inventory of Hybrid Lights are guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty. These lighting gears are warranted against all defects in materials, workmanship and manufacturing defect. The warranty policy by the company does not include a free repair or replacement of products that are damaged due to abuse, fault in batteries or accidentally damaged. If in case any of the above-mentioned factors are involved in damaging the product, the company will analyze the product and would charge a reasonable fee for replacement or repair. If the customer faces any issue with the light, they can contact Hybrid Lights at info@hybridlight.com and get the required assistance.


Knife Country Delivers Premium-Quality Outdoor Lifestyle Gear


Knife Country the family-owned retail store established in the USA has become one of the leading international online retailers with an impressive inventory of cutlery, knives, survivals kits, outdoor tools, survivals gear and camping equipment. Over the past few decades, Knife Country has collaborated with many international elite brands that sell a variety of high-performance outdoor lifestyle tools and gears such as Hybrid Lights. You can find an array of expandable lanterns, solar Bluetooth speakersflashlights with Micro USB, and more. Committed to providing exceptional customer services and quality-driven products, Knife Country continues to mark its presence as an online megastore. If you need any assistance about our tools and gears, feel free to contact us at customercare@knifecountryusa.com or you can call us at toll-free number: (800) 342-9118.



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