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If you are a traveler, camper, trekker, or an outdoor enthusiast, you might hop around finding a reliable flashlight, lantern or a headlamp. Knife Country introduces you to a long-trusted manufacturer of portable lighting and rechargeable solutions—HybridLight for durable and meant-for-lifetime products. Designed to fit in your toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit or the kitchen drawer, the quality-driven lighting products by the brand confiscate appreciation with its dependable performance and support on the go.


Taking Solar Power to New Dimensions – HybridLight for Lighting & Charging Solutions

A pioneer of solar-powered mobile lighting products, HybridLight was incepted in 2006 by Terry Peterson. His vision of incorporating portable solar hybrid technology in lighting solutions made him explore new ways to integrate solar-tech with everyday life. The company caters to an extensive selection of lighting gear that are fully rechargeable and more importantly are tailored to charge phones, tablets, and other devices using a USB port. With a team of professionals who themselves are outdoor fanatics and understand the backpackers’ needs, the company is working with some prodigies to input all the quality parameters in each product produced. One can always rely upon HybridLight for lighting and chargeable gear built with advanced technology and innovative designs.


Durable, Environment-Friendly and Guaranteed for Life—Must-Have HybridLight Gear for Your Toolbox

Bestowing perseverance and longevity in every lighting equipment, the rich inventory of Hybrid Light speaks of functionality and perfection. It’s expanding product range will introduce you to solar power lighting tools that are water resistant and impact resistant. These robust models are designed to be your go-to illuminators while you make your path through woods or cover a route in dark. The switchable mode LED technology used in the devices is meant to deliver an optimum hourly runtime. The battery-operated lighting solutions by Hybrid Light are smartly equipped to be expandable and collapsible for a convenient travel experience. The extensive collection of the brand includes some durable models that can be recharged using a USB cable and others that can take energy from any lighting source. What makes the flashlights and power panels unique is their ability to charge your mobile devices along with providing the desired illumination.  Choose from the wide array of Solar PUC Expandable Lanterns, Journey Flashlights, Mini Pro Kits, Head Lamps with Strap and more.


Warranty Terms & Conditions

HybridLight follows the simplest and the most practical work ethics when it comes to customer satisfaction and services. Maintaining the authenticity and quality of work, the company also brings up time-to-time offers and discounts. With a limited lifetime warranty, each product by HybridLight is eligible for replacement in case of defects in material, workmanship or manufacturing.  


Get the Best of HybridLight at Knife Country

One of the leading online retailers in the niche of knives and cutlery, Knife Country has a flourished inventory of hunting knives, camping gear, fixed blade knives, survival, and other outdoor gear. Knife Country maintains a decent collection of HybridLight gear. You can find an assortment of expandable lanterns, solar Bluetooth speakers, flashlights with Micro USB, and more. In addition to Hybrid Light’s special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals, Knife Country offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. Committed to providing exceptional customer services and quality-driven products, Knife Country continues to mark its presence as an online megastore. With an exhaustive collection to choose from, the online store has something to offer for every knife connoisseur, adventurer, camper, and outdoor enthusiast. Our online services are open for all year, round the clock. You can email us at customercare@knifecountryusa.com for any query or call us at our toll-free number: (800) 342-9118.


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