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Introduction of Rogan Knives in the International Market

Rogan Knives was established with a view to present finest knives that are manufactured and designed specifically for the tactical situations. Rogan Knives came into existence with the introduction of finest grade knives that were developed under the guidance of experienced craftsmen and workers. With sheer efforts, dedication and commitment, Rogan Knives successfully produced the knives, after having broken several knives by using them for other tasks. The knives are completely tested at the field by the professionals to ensure that the knives are suitable to be used by the real-life knife users and knife enthusiasts.


Overwhelming Response from the Soldiers

The company has invested a considerable time in the production of the knives. Several Rogan Tools were successfully sent to Afghanistan and Iraq for real-life testing and the feedback Rogan Knives received from Soldiers and Marines was overwhelming. This motivated Rogan Knives to contribute more with the high-performance knives that are designed to perform 4 main tasks, Dig, Split, Pry, and Hammer! Rogan Military Grade Series are molle compatible breaching/digging tools; specifically designed after deep research with Canadian Combat Engineers USMC EOD Specialists, and armed forces, across the world. The Military Grade Tools by Rogan Knives are compact, lightweight, and are designed to fit into a single channel of molle webbing. These can be used for opening wooded crates, trenching, and breaching doors.


Select From The Broad Range Of Knives


Rogan Fixed Blade Knives by Rogan Knives: The knives are manufactured using premium grade material that can withstand distortion and that too without getting stuck.  The blade length is commendable and is suitable to cut any of the hard material without getting stuck in between or splitting into halves. The handles are wide enough to make sure that a secure grip is maintained throughout, in long duration tasks.


Rogan Knives Boot Tool Series by Rogan Knives: Rogan Knives Boot Tool series includes the high performance, robust and durable boot knives. These are the sturdy pocket-sized everyday carry boot knives with a sharp cutting edge that helps to make deep and quick cuts. Designed to be used as a self-defense tool; the knives can seriously injure anyone. The carbon steel construction of the fixed blades is strong and easy to maintain for years. These tactical knives offer great versatility and have cord wrapped handles to maintain a tight grip.


Rogan Knives EDC (Every Day Carry) Series by Rogan Knives: These are the EDC (Every Day Carry) knives, meant to be used every day owing to their lightweight and compact shape. These knives are the indispensable tool for camping, hiking and adventure trips. The blade of the knife is perfect, toughened and is extremely sharp on the edge and does not lose its sharpness even after multiple uses. These knives can withstand high compression and distortion and are suitable to carry in pockets or backpack. The provision of cord wrapped handle gives a comfortable grip throughout.


Rogan Knives Personal Carry Tool Series by Rogan Knives: The Rogan Knives Personal Carry Tool Series includes handmade tools that are specifically designed for tactical situations. These are the finest knives with perfect blade length that can perform biggest and complicated tasks with ease. These knives are widely used for both professional and simple tasks including digging holes, prying door, breaking glass, and opening containers. These are also suitable for self-defense scenarios that include rescue, and escape.


Rogan Knives Rogue Military Tool Series by Rogan Knives: The Military Tool Series by Rogan Knives are specifically manufactured using the premium-grade knife material that can survive even after distortion and high compression. The blades are born tough and are specifically designed to be used by the military personnel. These knives have the perfect sharpness and smoothly glide through most of the surfaces without getting stuck. The ergonomic design allows the user to grip easily in most of the demanding situations for a flawless cutting experience.


Rogan Knives Rogue XHD Tool Series by Rogan Knives: The Rogan Knives Rogue XHD Tool series has some of the finest range of rugged and practically designed tools designed to be used in tactical scenarios and life-threatening situations. The carbon steel construction of the fixed blade knives in this series provides additional robustness and has the required strength to withstand extreme conditions. The long-fixed blade knives with nylon cordage handle offers comfortable grip.


Rogan Knives Product Warranty

Rogan Knives offer premium-grade knives is warranted to be free of manufacturing and designing defect and any kind of defects in the material or in an assembly line. Though, repair and replacement will be done only after complete inspection and then only the further procedure of repairing and replacement will be initiated. The products will be replaced or repaired with the same item or with the equivalent one of the same products. However, in few cases of any damage due to abuse, neglect, or misuse is not covered by the company.


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