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Victory Knives

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Victory knife is a brand established in New Zealand by E. Goddard Ltd. Victory knives are known for its superior quality and are extensively used in its home country and Australia by leading shambles and fish processing plants. Edward Goddard was a master cutler from Sheffield, England who has migrated to New Zealand to begin with designing and manufacturing knives in 1927. E. Goddard continues to enhance and maintain the highest standards in manufacturing the material and building the standard for the best quality knives.


What to expect from Victory Knives?

Victory Knives have grown to be unmatchable with high quality and heftiness by the industry professionals. Victory Knives are used by all major meat and fish processing companies. The brand offers the knives which are made from stainless steel blade, hard and resistant blade with developed edge retention. It also creates a finer grain which is why the victory knives are less prone to corrosion and preserves its edge. The handles of these knives are made from polypropylene for highest hygiene standards. The brand manufactures durable knives that are also available in traditional carbon steel. These knives can be used for butchering, skinning, boning and other outdoor activities. The brand also includes butchery knives, fish knives, shellfish knives, chef’s knives, hunting knives and more. These knives are wonderfully designed for sports, industrial or commercial purposes.


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