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Ruthe Axes & Hatchets

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PICARD - The Backbone of RUTHE

PICARD is a renowned manufacturer of hand tools that they have been producing in Wuppertal since 1857. The company has grown magnificently over the years and have invested in time to bring forth excellent quality tools that serve as a perfect companion on an adventure trip or while hiking. The company aspires to design and manufacture high-quality and robust tools for different trades. The team members include the finest craftsmen; with their sheer dedication and hard work, PICARD touched great heights in a short span of time. PICARD has served quality tools to professionals from every trade including the carpenters, joiners, roofers, masons or coachbuilders.


PICARD Took Over Hammerfabrik Ruthe - RUTHE Production Line!

In 2006, Picard added another line of products by taking over Hammerfabrik Ruthe. This was an addition to the existing PICARD branded products. PICARD efficiently serves individually labeled hammers with RUTHE. The hammers produced thereafter are manufactured to perform varied heavy-duty tasks. The hammers offered are durable and can withstand even the multiple roughest strokes. The products by PICARD are quality tested for quality and safety, thus, making it a perfect tool.


Quality Tested RUTHE Tools

Rest assured for the quality, the complete product line by PICARD is tested for quality and safety with the “PICARD-understanding”, while many of the RUTHE products are also VPA/GS tested. To make the hammers completely reliable, there is a known manufacturer’s labeling (DIN labeling) on the hammers that make it completely reliable and quality certified. Use of premium grade wood, which is according to the Technical Delivery Terms and Conditions includes the ash, hickory, and acacia boosts the durability of the hammers. These hammers are perfect for the off-target strokes and there are no breaks in between. The steel, plastic or glass fiber handles add to the character of the hammers. The clean chamfer prevents the chunking; the sudden discharge of particles can come out and can lead to severe injuries. Thus, the chamfer is accurate and has perfectly polished peen. 


Hammers and Axes Range by RUTHE

  1. 1.   RUTHE Hammers

The hammers by RUTHE are VPA/GS tested making them completely reliable and qualitative. These are the handy tools specifically designed for the carpenters, joiners, or masons for carrying out professional tasks. The hammers are manufactured using quality steel and are forged in one piece. The balanced weight distribution of the hammers helps to hit the targeted object with utmost ease. The nail holder and magnet, protective varnish over the head, and roughened face ensures excellent working results. Many hammers are Rheinland, Southern German/Berlin shape shaped that are suitable for different purposes.


  1. 2.   RUTHE Axes

Ruthe Axes are constructed using premium-grade carbon steel, S35VN stainless that boosts durability and helps performing smoothly even after multiple roughest strokes. The axe head is accompanied by hickory and rubberized fiberglass handle offer grip while performing heavy-duty tasks with much little effort; these are suitable for tedious tasks and perfectly fit in the palm of the user. The provision of thumb slot, thumb ridge, lanyard hole, pocket clip, ceramic ball bearing, and black and satin finish blade is a defining feature of the axes that makes chopping and splitting smooth. The axes penetrate right through the targeted object and pierce with impeccable strength that makes them perfect for professional hunters, trekkers, campers, and hikers.



RUTHEoffers exceptional quality and high-performance hammers and other handy tools that are designed by the experienced craftsmen and quality-tested by the professionals. Every product by RUTHEis warranted to be free of any kind of manufacturing or designing defect. In rare case, if the products are found to defect then, inspection will be done to ensure that the product genuinely defects. Only after the inspection, the product will be sent for further repair or replacement that solely depends on the availability of the product. Apart from this, the products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can hamper the product’s performance and quality.


Knife Country offers Knives, Blades and Survival Kits for Hunters and Real-life Knife Users

Knife Country is listed amidst as one of the most reliable names presenting an exceptional range of knives, survival kits, and cutlery to the knife enthusiasts, adventure enthusiasts, and knife collectors. This e-portal has collaborated with more than 500 manufacturers across the world to offer a plethora of lifestyle-related products in different categories. The inventory has more than 30,000 products that are specifically sourced only from renowned manufacturers after complete inspection and assurance. These sourced products are tested on the field and leave no room for doubt for the users. Ruthe in collaboration with Knife Country brings forth exceptional quality hammers and other hand tools suitable for most heavy-duty tasks. Expect quality products that include survival equipment, camping shovels, axes & hatchets, hammers, camping gear, folding knives, and flashlights.





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