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Knife Country presents to you the world’s leading manufacturer of ultra-violet, handheld water purifiers. SteriPen is certified by the Water Quality Association and has had the honor of winning multiple industry awards.


Why Choose SteriPen?

We live in a world where critical situations that need to be tackled head-on, might aggressively surface at any point of time. During survival-based circumstances, clean water is potentially the most valuable commodity. The brand makes sure to provide the access to clean drinking water to its end-user, even during the gravest of times. What makes SteriPen the perfect product in terms of water purification is the fact that its UV water decontamination technology is tried and tested. SteriPen is an economical and sustainable option for clean drinking water and reusable for up to 8,000 liters of water. SteriPen keeps plastic pollution rather minimal. SteriPen creates UV light that disrupts the DNA of microbes in water. The brand is effective against pathogens that cause diarrhea, cholera or other water-borne diseases. SteriPen is designed to cater to all kinds of geographical crises, namely, the military, outdoors, or other travel adventures. There are a few accessories too, such as filters, cartridges, and pre-filters, that SteriPen offers to the market.


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