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Condor Knives

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Germany-based CONDOR® TOOL & KNIFE has been in the trading segment since 1787, with the name GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY. Because of the range as well as quality of swords, knives and agricultural tools produced, Solingen was famously known as the cutlery capital of the world. By starting a new setup with the name IMACASA, today, the factory has been the hub for quality machetes, knives, axes, shovels and other important hand tool. Later, in 2004, IMACASA developed the first and dedicated line for tools and knives for customers across North American and European markets. This line was named CONDOR® TOOL & KNIFE.


Know Your Brand: Condor Knives

Here, we provide an informative classification of Condor Knives, including some popular examples from each segment:


Hunting Knives:

  • Lifeland hunter knife
  • Two rivers skinner
  • Game surgeon skinner
  • Boar dagger
  • Pipe knife dagger
  • Hivernant knife
  • Jackal skinner series


Tactical Knives:

  • Combat machete
  • Jungle bowie
  • Dundee bowie
  • Speed bowie knife
  • Jungle bowie ii hardwood handle
  • Heavy duty kukri knife
  • Warlock machete
  • Crotalus knife
  • Toloza knife


Neck Knives:

  • BBT (Bird, Bottle and Trout)
  • Bushbuddy
  • Elegan
  • Falco
  • Fidelis
  • Tangara
  • Windfang
  • Bombus


Throwing Knives:

  • Condor scepter thrower
  • Dismissal thrower
  • Senban shuriken set
  • Wing throwing knife set
  • Half spin


Survival Knives:

  • Bushcraft basic knife
  • Bushslore & mini bushlore knife
  • Sapien knife
  • Hudson bay knife
  • Nessmuk knife
  • Thai enep knife
  • Boomslang knife
  • Rodan knife
  • Varan knife


Fishing Knives:

  • Tiburon
  • Tiburoncito


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