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Knives have a very interesting history, they have helped make or break empires along with its close relative the sword. Fantasy knives offer an unique design. Knives and daggers come in a large variety. Some knives and daggers, as well as, swords are used for decorative purposes, while others are used for hunting. Knives have not only been used for the purpose of protection or hunting but for adornment. Knife Country USA's line of fantasy knives, swords and daggers have intricate patterns and embellishments, usually gothic in nature. We provide you with a wide range of knives ranging from hunting knives, fixed blade knives, throwing knives, survival daggers, boot knives and knuckle knives. The brands include Boker Tree Brand Knives, Cold Steel Knives, Medford Knives, MTech Knives, Schrade Knives and Tops Knives to name a few. These are stainless steel knives with metal/rubber/wood/nylon handles. The knives also have leather/nylon/Kydex/metal sheaths that can be attached to the belt for smooth retrieval. There is a number of collectible fantasy knives that are available on our website. Our customers have the option to choose from style to type of material used and designs.

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China Made M2106 Fantasy Dagger Set

List Price: $38.25 Our Price: $22.64 Savings: $15.61 (41%)
Miscellaneous - Fantasy Dagger Set. Model M2106. Two Piece. Includes 16 3/4" overall double edge dagger with 10 7/8" etched stainless blade and 9 7/8" overall dagger with 5 3/4" blade. Sculpted antique silver and bronze finish handle, guard and pommel. Black belt sheath.

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