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Buck 640 Knife Series by Buck Knives

Buck Knives was established in 1902. Initially, the first buck knife was designed and manufactured by Hoyt Buck (blacksmith, who worked on the idea to temper the steel in a unique way to make it holds an edge longer. This marked the beginning of a legendary knife making company. He initiated handcrafting exceptional highly functional knives in the early first half of the century and also during World War II. Buck knife was handcrafted and made using theworn-out file blades as raw material that helped to bring forth commendable performance. Hoyt Buck was appreciated for the qualitative knives and soon, in 1945, he set up a shop named H.H. Buck and Son.


Buck 640 Knife Series is a perfect example of outstanding craftsmanship and their years of sheer dedication, commitment to bringing out the best. 640 Knife Series features the heavy-duty stainless-steel constructed knives that are specifically meant to withstand the highest degrees of compression and survive extreme conditions. The knives in this series are ideal to be used by the professional hunters, real-life knife, and outdoor enthusiasts. These knives have the sharpest blades with dramatic tones and excellent functionality. The back of the knife extends to meet the pointed tip that is designed with equal distribution of weight. The handles are ergonomically designed to ensure that the user has an excellent knife using experience. The handles offer excellent grip and comfortable hold in most of the demanding situations.


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