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WE Karambit Knives by WE Knife Company

WE knives is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of tactical knives and tools in China. The company provides high-quality and innovative tools to its customers around the world. The brand inventory includes a range of tactical knives, lanyards, fidget spinners, stickers, tactical pens, and whistles. These tools are made using advanced CNC machines and premium-quality materials to ensure precision and performance.


WE Knives Karambit series is an assortment of tactical tools with a compact and sleek design. These compact, folding knives are ideal for a variety of outdoor tasks including self-defense, survival training, and hiking, trekking, and hunting. Mostly valued for their precision and a high degree of retention, the Karambit blades allow striking, hooking, ripping, and slicing. The series offers stainless karambit blades with the bronze/blue/black stonewash finish titanium handles. Extended tang blades provide additional strength in survival and hunting activities. The standard blade edge is designed to deliver impeccable performance in outdoor and life-threatening situations. Most knives are accessorized with additional features like finger ring, thumb pull, and a pocket clip to enhance the functionality and maximum control. These pocket knives are available with a black nylon zippered storage case for easy accessibility, safe storage, and hassle-free transportation.


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