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Ontario Saws by Ontario Knife Company

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Started by William B. Ensworth Charles Albert Brace, and William Maudsley, Ontario Knife Company was established in 1889. The company later combined their operations in Franklinville under the name of Ontario. Explore more from the company including knives and saws.

Accurately designed and crafted for tactical purposes, the Ontario Saws Series includes an array of exquisite fixed blade knives and saw for users engaged in hunting, camping, and such adventure activities. The tactical weapons in this series have sturdy blades constructed using carbon steel and stainless steel, vary according to different models. The fixed blade saw features sawback blades that offer sharp edges making them ideal for cutting and chopping. These blades have partially serrated edges that are perfect for cutting through tough and hard materials like ropes, fabric, and even woods. The tactical weapons have strong materials made using leather, nylon, high-impact plastic, rubber, and Kraton. Each material ensures a non-slip grip and a comfortable grip to the users while performing the activity. Some of the knives have guthook blades that are perfect for slicing through animals’ skin, without damaging anything inside. Most knives are equipped with a sheath that protects them from dents and scratches while traveling outside.  


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