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Ultimate Survival Gear Fixed Blade Knives by Ultimate Survival Gear

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Ultimate Survival Gears is a Columbia-based brand established in 1936, known for creating the most essential adventure gears. UST is a family-owned business that manufactures a pioneering range of LED lights, all-weather fire-starters, targetable and unbreakable signal mirrors, outdoor cutting tools, survival kits, and more. All the products in the inventory of UST are prepared to last longer and provide maximum utility with high functionality.


Fixed Blade Knives by Ultimate Survival Gears comprises of a variety of non-folding knives that can be used for multiple purposes like burying waste, digging, cutting, chopping, slicing, survival and combat purposes. All the knives in this series feature an unbendable and rugged construction, making them ideal survival gear. The 420 stainless steel construction provides strength and durability to the knives to withstand tough situations. UST fixed blade knives in this series are ergonomically designed to fit into U.S. army cold/hot climate aircraft survival kits. Some of the knives in this niche are equipped with features like integrated rulers, hex wrenches, bottle openers, fire starters, emergency sharpening stone, and a belt sheath that makes them highly functional. Some knives in this series have extended/full tang that allows the user to use them with more force for heavy-duty tasks. The lanyard hole on these knives allow the users to attach them to a paracord for safety and security. Choose your fixed blade knife from the exhaustive assortment of Ultimate Survival Gears.


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