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We Karmabit 708 Knife Series by WE Knife Company

We Knife Company is a knife and tool manufacturer dedicated to creating the finest and sharpest knives, tactical pens, etc. The company has, over the last 18 years, introduced many new designs that have helped shape the world of modern knives. Starting its journey by manufacturing OEM designs for other companies, We Knife Company has gained the status of being the largest professional knife maker in China.


We Knives 708 Karambit Series


The 708 series includes a line of folding karambit knives that are ideal to perform daily chores. Considered as efficient EDC category knives, these are easy to stow in your pockets and backpacks. Boasting a titanium handle along with spot-on ergonomics, these knives have both flipper and thumb-hole openings. The indestructible hawkbill blades with sturdy CPM-S35VN stainless-steel construction make them a strong contender in the range of tactical knives. With extended tangs and pocket clips, these knives are easy to carry for your hunting ventures.


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