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We 704 Knife Series by WE Knife Company

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We Knife Company came into existence as a small factory and officially went on to become a brand in the year 2000. This Chinese firm started off by manufacturing OEM designs for other companies and has now gained reputation in the industry as a name you can rely upon.


The 704 Series


The 704 series includes a vast variety of linerlocks available in different handle colors. These knives have a thick and wide blade design and do not take much of your pocket space owing to their compact size and light weight. These folding knives with a large belly are perfect to use on various occasions. Optimized for slicing and skinning, the trailing blades of these knives can be used for cleaning the entrails of the fish; hence these are extensively used by fishermen and hunters.


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Established in 2001, Knife Country USA is known for innovation, quality, and genuine pride of ownership. Offering a range of reliable products, right from best tweezers, hunting knives, kukris, to security equipment and many other outdoor gears, we aspire to deliver you outstanding services. Procuring a range of brands to select from, this family-owned business believes in offering great deals to its customers.

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