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Timberline Tactical Pen Series by Timberline Knives

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Timberline is a world-renowned knife-manufacturing brand that has introduced some of the finest range of tactical knives. These tactical knives feature Zytel handles and a Greg Lightfoot-designed pistol grip with plain or serrated blades. The brand has been around for more than 20 years and focuses on engineering knives for both civilians and military personnel. This New York-based knife-making brand was set up in 1989 and founded by the duo – John and Nancy Anthon.


The Tactical Pen Series


Combat pens are rare to find. The Tactical Pen series is a range of Lightfoot combat pens. Designed by Greg Lightfoot, these pens are not only beneficial when you are looking for something to write with but can also be used as a weapon. This personal defense tool is a usable ball point pen and is easy to carry, owing to the shirt clip attached. These pens have lightweight aluminum construction. The Tactical Pen series with a medium point ink cartridge is ideal for police, military personnel, and executives who demand reliability and performance.


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