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KEY-BAK Ratch-It Key Real Series by KEY-BAK

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The Original KEY-BAK Self-Retracting Key Reel was founded in 1948 by W.R. Lummis of West Coast Chain Manufacturing Co. Starting with the sale of his small merchandise to his fellow railroaders, he gradually expanded his business in Los Angeles. The company's proximity to CalTech and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories supported in early adoption of new technology resulting in rapid improvements to the key reel design. Keeping its focus on quality and craftsmanship, Key-Bak is emerging as one of the leading manufacturers of its business niche.


Key-Bak maintains an exhaustive collection of Retractable Ratcheting Tethers that lock the reel in a specific reach interval. The series gives you a chance to choose among different sizes of retractable tethers. While some of them are designed to offer an extended reach of 48 in. and few of them accommodate it till 36 in. All you need to do is to pull the retractor to the desired length and the cord will lock into place. Tug the cord for unlocking or retracting the reel. Built-in ratchet mechanism keeps your gear safe, secure, and ready for action. Most of the key reels are available with a metal carabiner or belt clip for the convenience of carrying. These Ratch-It Key Real Tethers support 3 retraction forces ranging from Heavy Duty 8 oz. to Xtreme Duty 20 oz. of retraction force. Durable polycarbonate frame and heavy-duty Kevlar cord make these retractable tether lanyards the perfect addition to any harness, equipment bag, or tool pouch.

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