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Meyerco Multi-Tools by Meyerco Knives

Meyerco Knives is an exclusive manufacturer of fine-quality knives used for varied purposes. It is widely known as the only brand for manufacturing solid and sharp strut-&-cut knives. Its other innovative products include popular knives such as speedster, Meyerco Tactical, Scamp, Meyerco Tanto Speed Demon, Rascal, Rescue One and Two, etc. Moreover, its innovative knife sharpeners are available with both regular and serrated edges.


What is Multi-Tool Knife?


This is a compact pocket knife that conceals all the tools that you need while sailing or boating, hunting or camping. However, it can be used for recreational purposes too. This stainless steel multitool has standard/metric rulers on the handle. There is a bail loop attached to it so that you can carry it conveniently in your belt-mounted pouch or trouser pocket. It is a complete tool set designed for safe use and is legal to carry anywhere.


Includes Tools:

  • Sheepsfoot style blade
  • Shackle key
  • Bottle/can opener
  • Ruler (in/cm)
  • Spike


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