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Ontario RAT Knife Series by Ontario Knife Company

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Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is an American knife manufacturer. It has won awards and has been acclaimed for its service in WWII. The company continues to supply knives to US military, while it also has clients from industries other than tactical and security, such as educational, science, and medical. OKC produces hunting and fishing knives, tactical knives, survival gear, scientific and medical instruments, as well as rescue tools for the professionals. It distributes these products in over 35 countries, making for a major supplier of private label blades and knives.


Why choose RAT Series Knives?

Featuring a straightforward design, these knives are easy to use and maintain. RAT knives are every day carry blades that are practical to use and have ergonomic handle for control over the tool. They come with a plain cutting edge or a serrated blade. Ideal for cutting, carving, slicing, peeling, and chopping, these knives can also act as a defensive weapon in combat.  


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