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We Fixed Blade Knives by WE Knife Company

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We Knife Company has been manufacturing knives for more than 18 years now. Having contributed to the Asian industry, and predominantly the Chinese knife industry, this company is one of the largest professional machining tool and knife manufacturers in the Chinese market. It deals in the production of worthy knives, tactical pens, and tools.


We Knife Company Fixed Blade Knives


The fixed blade knives by We Knife Company are not just well crafted but also used for a vast number of applications. The carbon fiber construction, thumb slots, lanyard holes, full tangs, and textured handles make the knives easy to operate. Most of these come with a molded sheath for secure carry. These flaunt a sleek profile and with an added jimping and integral finger guard, to make the knives comfortable to hold. The knives endure heavy use and – apart from general use such as cutting and slicing vegetables, fruits, etc. – can be used for tactical purposes like combats, survival, hunting, etc.


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