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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.

Chipaway Cutlery

Chipaway Cutlery- a division of Frost Cutlery. 


The Frost Family


The Frost Cutlery story is not a Jim Frost story; many loyal and dedicated employees, including his son Stephen and daughter Stefanie, contribute greatly. After learning the business from the bottom up, Stephen Frost now holds the position of Chief Operations Officer. Once the driving force of the Frost Falcons, Stefanie Frost-Durham now plays a key role in many of the day to day operations of the business.

The dedication of Frost Cutlery employees does not end with Jim's children; Senior Vice- President, Jeff Daniel, sets the standard of dedication in the company as an employee of almost thirty years. There are now well over a hundred employees at Frost Cutlery, and many of them have tenure of ten years or more. Though much of Frost Cutlery's success can be attributed to Mr. Frost's leadership, his ability to surround himself with quality individuals plays a large part as well. He has said: "Whenever I have the chance to talk to young people, I tell them that those who seek, listen, learn and utilize the intelligence of others are themselves some of the smartest people in the world." This is the type of relationship Jim Frost has with his employees: he is the teacher and the student.