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Hammer Knives

A compact multipurpose tool is something everyone likes to possess. It becomes more interesting when an essential tool like knife comes stuffed with other multi-utility tools. Victorinox AG with its legendary Swiss Army Knife has set a world standard for such tools.  Knife Country USA offers almost the entire range of the world-class Swiss Army Knife.


The Legendry Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox 


It all started in the year 1884 when the founder of Victorinox, Karl Elsener opened a cutlery workshop. His revolutionary ideas to deliver a compact and robust knife that combines multiple tools in one single unit gave birth to the legendry Swiss Army Knife. The “Officer’s Knife” launched in the year 1897 made these legendary knives a success story. Since decades the Victorinox knives has kept abreast with both the changing technologies and changing demands of the customers. Today, armed forces throughout the world, adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiast swear by these multi-utility knives.


The knives are characterized by their extreme reliability and perfection to the minutest of detail. Swiss Army Knives come in a range of category like Tourist, Voyager, Huntsman, Traveller and CyberTool, to name a few. Each of the unique categories of knife includes tools that are essential for a particular purpose along with the common purpose tools. For instance, a Swiss Army Knife Cyber Tool is especially made for the computer geeks. The tool includes multi-function pliers and standardized screwdriver bits, along with the common tools like knife, scissor, and tweezers. Perfectly and precisely engineered in Switzerland the Swiss Army Knives are an embodiment of excellence.


Get the Swiss Army Knife that Suits your Needs

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