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Sunfish Pocket Knives

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A Sunfish Pocket Knife is a useful weapon-like utility for people who need a compact, smaller knife that can be easily carried in the pocket and doesn’t require any maintenance. This knife is small enough to be tucked into a purse or pocket. A Sunfish Pocket Knife is good enough to cut loose strings, open a package, or for self-defense. However, it does not have significant cutting or slicing capabilities.


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Because of its impressive size, a Sunfish Pocket Knife was used extensively by immigrant framing carpenters and electrical workers. Sometimes, referred as a Rope Knife, this knife was used for cutting wooden stakes by surveyors in the Midwest and West. Blade of a Sunfish Pocket Knife usually includes a wider spear point. It is often made with larger clip point blades. Unusual in construction, Sunfish Knives are quite easy to use and provide a fantastic grip.


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